Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Seats Infirmary

Last Fall a series of emails were exchanged and first weekend of April 2011 was reserved for a visit from our college friends Tommy and Mark, and their wives Sarah and Sarah. The weekend before their visit, Isla was sick with a tummy bug. Then, Jason was struck down on Wednesday, me on Thursday. Thursday being the day of arrival for our weekend with friends. Being my overly optimistic self, I thought "I'll feel 100% better by tomorrow, no problem." Well, day 2 and 3 were still pretty bad. So, Jason and I hobbled around all weekend, occasionally doubled over clutching our guts, trying to show our friends a good time. Jason even braved an afternoon of walking on the Riverwalk in the hot sun with his sick tum.

Even though J and I couldn't enjoy food and drink that weekend, we did have a great time eating toast and drinking Pedialyte while spending time with everyone. Tommy and Mark even jumped in the pool and officially kicked off the pool season. Sarah has a ton of energy and kept Isla entertained. She even ran Isla around the yard like an airplane.