Monday, June 30, 2014

August Gabrielle- 1 and 1/2 years old!

Table dancin'

Happy Boy

Now it is June, and when I look back on his 15 months blog, all of those things are still going on.  Still loves music and dances, but more.   Still loves his shoes.  But, I think he wants them on just so he's ready to go out the door when sister does.  Still loves books and being read to, but more.  His favorite books are "Go, Dog, Go" Dr Suess's "ABC's", and "Hop on Pop"; the Corduroy series.

Building castles

And I don't know if I missed it in the 15 month blog- but August loves balls.  He loves to play with them, hold them, confiscate them if he sees someone else has them.  He loves to carry little choking- hazard size bouncy balls, or even just a marble.  They are often hidden away in his chubby little fist and I don't know they are there.  August tries to engage me in conversations about balls, but all he can contribute is single word "Ball."  He has even chuckled and grinned as he drifted off to sleep in my arms and uttered "Ball."
Daddy push-ups

August is a pretty coordinated little guy; he can run.  He and sister often run a play chase in circles around the house.  They also still love to play jumping and falling on the couch.  August figured out how to ride sister's scooter, so we got him one with a shorter handle bar.

Getting his groove on

We went to the beach at the end of May.  I was told Gus had already had Hand Foot Mouth disease at his 1 year appointment, but he got a different strain with a very pronounced texbook rash while we were on our family vacation.  So for the second year in a town, he spent most of the beach vacation feeling lousy.

Body Parts
Big mess in the carseat