Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Isla Rose, 4 years old

The title to this blog is a total shocker- 4 years old!  She's a solid pre-schooler now.  Isla has been very excited about her upcoming birthday and birthday party.

Swinging after Yoga class

Things Isla has said recently that made me laugh:
When I asked her if she wanted a ponytail today, she said "No, a bum."
Isla started parroting me and I have realized I say "actually" a lot.  Jason has been trying to get her to say "indubitably."  He said it and at a time Isla was irritated and she replied "No-doobily!"  When I asked if she wiped her bottom after going potty, "Unfortunately, I did not wipe my bottom."

Cast going on

What's she into these days:  Isla loves her arts/ crafts.  She can play around with a pad of paper or sticker page for hours.  She is still reinacting Valentines Day and gives out little notes to everyone all the time.  There has also been a doll revival in this house, and she spends a lot of time taking care of her little dollies.  She continues to take swim lessons, dance/ gymnastics, and Yoga classes.

This is how to slide with a cast

Isla has a "caretaker" quality about her.  She is kind and sweet towards younger, or even just the shier kids she is around.  She has been good about our "no grabbing" policy, and does not take things out of her brother's hands.

Last day being 3

We are so happy with Isla's Austin preschool.  She loves her school, and is happy to go there every day.  She even started telling me for the past few months, "I love my school."  Music to my ears.
Cast still on

Isla broke her arm about a month before her 4th birthday.  She was holding her dolls in her right arm, and in a rush to get outside, Jason tripped her, and she fell onto her left arm, breaking her distal radius.  She mostly seemed entertained by the whole ordeal.  I negotiated her cast coming off just before her B-day.
Cast coming off

For Isla's 4th birthday, we had a party at our house.  Grandma and Grandpa Dino and Dolores visited.  Our special activity was the band "The Que Pastas" came and gave a concert on our deck.  We miss the 3 year-old who was unhindered by social norms and into her skunks and sharks.  Now Isla is into the princesses.  I steared her towards Tinkerbell for the birthday party decor.  She's all girl and loves to wear pretty dresses and accessorizing.  
4 today!

Easter Hunt

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