Thursday, December 11, 2008

Moving Day

It turns out moving presented us with some logistical challenges. Jason and I explored many variations of how we might move the 2 of us, 2 pets, 2 cars, and all our stuff down to Texas, and still leave our house in St. Louis staged. We also wanted to be able to live comfortably in our St. Louis home when we're in town, until the house sells. We also wanted to have one car in St. Louis, and one car in San An until the house sells. So here's the plan that was settled on and is in the process of being executed. The packers were here yesterday, everything that goes to San An is packed. The movers are here now, everything from the house that is going to San An is on a truck. Jason and I are flying to Texas with our cat (yes, cat on a plane) on Saturday. We will then rent a car and live in San An for the following week and a half. The moving truck will arrive on Monday. Before Christmas, we fly back to St. Louis, spend Christmas in St. Louis. Then, we drive down to Texas in J's car with the dog after Christmas. When the house sells, the rest of the stuff gets moved, and we'll have a 2nd road trip with my Civic. I was very busy the previous week getting everything organized for the packers. Many trips to Good Will and the dumpster were made in the process. There is nothing like a cross-country move to help you declutter. Now everything is on autopilot, the moving company took over. The biggest unknown right now is how Tweed the kitty is going to do on the airplane. We have the airline regulation size cat carry on, and she'll be our under-the-seat bag.

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