Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jason's lost and found wallet

The past week has been consumed by Jason losing his wallet. It appears that about once a year, Jason casts his wallet upon the floor or ground somewhere, as an experiment to test the current state of kindness in humanity. Last year, during 2007 Christmas season, about when you start to feel like if you hear one more Christmas song on the radio while stuck in traffic going to the store you will freak, Jason lost his wallet. It was also around this time when I had been receiving a string of annoying phone solicitations, and was getting tired of it. Instead of politely declining, I had begun to deal with this by stating that the wrong number had been called. I know, rude. One afternoon when I had returned from work, and Jason was still at work, a man called us on the phone. He didn't quite know how to pronounce our name, and I told him he had the wrong number and hung up. He called again, and I repeated my previous actions. A few minutes later, an irritated man appeared on our front door step, and said he did call the right number, he was just trying to return my husband's wallet, which Jason had dropped on the sidewalk earlier that day. Never have I felt so bad, and so rude in my entire life. I actually couldn't pull myself together to speak to him. Called hubby, Jason didn't even know he had lost it. So, I baked the neighbor a tin of cookies and had Jason deliver them to him to say thank you.

Last Wednesday evening, Jason got out his wallet to have his gym card swiped when we got to the gym. The next morning, time for me to drop him off at work, and his wallet was missing. It was either at the gym, somewhere in between the gym and where we parked our car, in the car, or at our house. We looked everywhere, asked everyone. Called the credit card companies, no charges were made that were not made by us. I thought about the missing wallet all day for days. Finally, we gave up, and canceled the cards, ordered new ones. I was sad because I had just given Jason the new wallet as a congratulations present. We also decided to get Lifelock protection, and cancel unused, unnessessary credit cards. We went back to the gym last night, and as I was explaning that my husband does not have his gym card, he lost his wallet, the guy behind the desk said- "Oh, we have a wallet in our lost and found." Oh, it was Jason's wallet.

I can't wait for Jason to lose his wallet next year.

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Keep up with Brad... said...

Hey Amanda. Hope all is well. I know, Jason is such a nut losing things like that isn't he? Glad he found it. Just wanted to say howdy and that I hope you guys are adjusting well. Take care.