Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wall color indecisiveness

For the past week, I have been going to the paint store every day, and I'm sick of it. It all started while D&D were in town. The guest house is now at the stage where the wall colors I chose are going up on the walls. I came home and saw that the guest bedroom had been painted. I wanted to be daring and had chosen a bright orange-pinky color. Well, it was perfect for a taco stand, but not good for a bedroom. So, Dolores and Dino helped- and instead of chosing from a tiny sample card, we went out for paint samples this time. I went with a bluish-green- lovely. Then, the bathroom was painted the color I had chosen for the bathroom and downstairs- a tannish-yellow. Well, there was nothing tan about it- it was bright yellow. Fine for the bathroom- but don't paint the downstairs that color! Went out for more paint samples, tried out 5 tans- and chose one. Then looked at the floor- it clashed- Wait, don't buy that paint color that I chose the replace the yellow! Went out for another paint sample- still don't like it. My contractor must think I am crazy. I have until Monday to pick the color.

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