Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Brad and Jim sighting

After Jason and I spent a few days in San Francisco, we headed up to the Napa Valley for one day of wine tasting fun. Then down to Livermore, CA for Jared's wedding, the drove down the Pacific Coast Highway for the better part of 2 days until we got to L.A. Highlights from the trip included riding bikes from Fishman's Wharf across the Golden Gate Bridge into Sausalito to enjoy a late lunch/ early dinner right on the Bay, and back across on the Ferry. And the day driving around Napa tasting wine with Jason was also quite fun.

Another highlight was our Brad and Jim sighting. We drove down to L.A so that we could visit with Jason's cousin Brad and his partner Jim who recently moved from Saint Charles, MO to L.A. for Jim's job. We had a blast going out to "The Grove" with them. This is a dining/shopping area that TMZ frequents for celebrity sitings- so watch TMZ to see Jason and I, and gossip of our love affair with 2 gay men. Then we went out to West Hollywood for more fun times. I think we might have gotten Brad some job leads by making friends at the bar! Then we spend the 4th with Adrian and his wife and heir 2 adorable sons (and Brad and Jim too) on Redondo Beach for some awesome fireworks. On the 5th, we flew back home, where our pets greeted us with enthusiasm. See the complete photo album on

I inspired Brad to do a blog too when he moved- check it out:

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