Saturday, August 8, 2009

Texas is Hot

So, we've really gotten to the hottest point of the year here in San Antonio. We are told that it is not normally this hot, and that this year broke the 1998 record of days over 100 degrees. Also, there has not been much rain at all. Consequently, all the grass and plants are dying. One thing that took Jason and I by surprise is that when we turn on the faucets in our house, on cold, we get warm water. Back in St.Louis, I used to say I had a February Funk, due to it being the end of winter and being tired of being cooped up in the house all the time. I'm starting to feel that way about August here in Texas, but due to the heat. So, not much to say, other than "it's hot."

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carolinpeoria said...

Here in Central Illinois, after the coolest July on record, we are having a couple of "heat advisory" days, humid and in the mid 90s. Maybe this will ripen the pokey tomatoes! Manda, think of January when we will all be freezing and you'll be cool and comfortable.