Sunday, May 16, 2010

Isla Rose, 2 months old

Our sweet Isla has been a lot of fun lately. She is very smiley, and she talks back and forth with us in vowely sounds and squeaks. Sometimes she looks like she really wants to tell me something, but just can't come up with the words. It used to be her favorite past time was looking at the slits of light come through the window blinds. But now, she is more interested in us. She loves it when I lay down next to her and read her books. I think she favors the brightly colored illustrations of The Hungry Caterpillar. We have become very dependent on our swing, as this is a sure fire way to put her to sleep. The music mode rotates through 7 tunes, and Jason claims that Isla has a favorite, and will skip the other tunes to play that one for her. At first I thought this was purely coincidence, but now I'm starting to believe it's true, she does calm down better to that song. After listening to it for the 100th time, I think I know the reason. That song has a slightly slower beat, and that has a calming effect. We call it the "Zombie Baby Song," because she turns into a zombie and falls asleep.

Our favorite is wake-up time Isla. She greets us with chatter and smiles every morning. If you're lucky, you might even get a giggle. A giggle will make your day. Naps are coming along better, but I still feel like the main objective of most of my days is getting Isla to sleep, or stay asleep when she is tired and cranky. Isla and I try and venture out into the world at least once a day. Unfortunately, this involves Isla crying through at least one leg of the trip. I've gotten used to it, but when Jason is along for a ride, he can't handle it. I joined the Stroller Strides exercise group, which meets on Tuesday and Thursday at the Incarnate Word Headwaters Sanctuary.

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