Monday, June 14, 2010

Isla Rose, 3 months old

Well, since she arrived, Isla has doubled in size. Not only have the itty-bity clothes been put away, the 0-3 month clothes have also made their way to the box of too-small Isla clothes. I have a little sad moment every time I put away a little outfit and think to myself, "She'll never be that small again." This little girl is very fiesty, and much to our dismay, one of her biggest dislikes is being hot. I told her- "You live in Texas- get used to it!" But no, I'm the only mom in Stoller Strides carrying my baby and blowing on her, while pushing my stroller. (I just purchased a stroller fan, so hopefully that'll solve that problem)

What's Isla up to these days? She rocks tummy time, and can push her chest up and hang out for more than 5 minutes at a time. We're working on the roll, but it's still not consistent or purposeful. Just one time, she woke up on the flip side, and was not happy about it. Never since have this event been repeated. She loves to be read to, and does the happy wiggle during her favorite books. She also knows what the bottle means, and gets very excited when you hold it up for her. She found her hands, and likes to suck on them. Isla started targeting at batting at toys on the right and left, and now she's starting to work in the midline too. She has a favorite toy- the pink kitty, and Kitty can cheer her up when Isla gets upset on car rides. Isla loves her daddy, and smiles and giggles when he appears, except when she's hungry, then she wants the mommy. Isla has a very loud hunger bell, and she will let you know if you are late for feeding time.

We still don't have a daily napping/ eating schedule and I long for one. I don't know how to accomplish this when the time she wakes up varies by 2 hours, without rhyme or reason. Still lots of short naps throughout the afternoon. We're up to 3 months of only mommy milk, and I'm exhausted.

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