Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Uncle Jon and Erin

My middle brother, Jon, and his sweetie, Erin, came to visit us last weekend and meet new niece Isla. Isla took an immediate liking to her Uncle Jon. And Jon, a connoisseur of all things cute, of course fell in love with baby Isla. We've had a string of vegetarians visit us at the house (Brittany, Michelle, Maria). So, when we realized we had a group of all meat-eaters in the house, we went hog wild. Burgers with bacon, sausage, barbecue, ham omelets with breakfast sausage on the side... yum. We decided to detox on our last night together and ate at the all-vegetarian restaurant, Green (one of our favorites).

After our long string of visitors we are going to close the Carriage House for a while in order to address some neglected household organization issues and personal goals.

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