Monday, October 18, 2010

Isla Rose, 7 months old

6 to 7 has been another huge month for Isla. 1st off- the most exciting milestone- CRAWLING! On October 12th we returned home from our trip to St. Louis, and placed Isla on the living room rug. Well, I think she was so happy to be home and not in her carseat or being held on our laps, she progressed forward 2 feet on all 4's across the rug! For the past month, Isla has been frustrated at not being able to crawl. She'd move her hands forward, but couldn't coordinate the legs, and end up on her tummy. I thought she would be so pleased once she could get to what she wanted all on her own... but no. Now, she's frustrated at not being able to pull up to stand. She loves to hold onto low furniture and stand (but, she always needs a spotter). Also, she started taking steps when being held by the hands. This is the beginning of several months of back-breaking stooping-over "baby walking."

One big change for Jason and I has been that Isla started to be a happier baby. She stopping continuously complaining for seemingly no reason. She entertains herself a little bit better. Her eating and sleeping has been on a predictable schedule, and things finally got easier (as long as she takes those naps).

Isla loves to eat! When we got back from the trip, I increased Isla's solids to 3 meals a day. She opens up wide for each bite and exclaims "num!" after each bite. I finally figured out how to get her to eat green vegetables- mix them with Ricotta cheese.

Isla has been a lot of fun to play with because she has started to be able to anticipate. She gives a little knowing smile when I start the "This Little Piggy" rhyme knowing that a little tickling piggy hand is going to run up to her nose at the end. She has been babbling up a storm with "abababa" and "ananana" and raspberry blowing, and lots of other sounds I can't convey in type. She learned that if she says a long "aaaaaaaaah" as we bounce up the stairs or pat her back it will chop the sound.

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Maria said...

I adore her!! What a big girl! She really is growing up so fast! Tell her I said congratulations on the crawling!!!