Sunday, May 15, 2011

Isla Rose, 14 months old

Smooth walkin' Walking is now Isla's main mode of transportation.
She'd rather push the stroller than ride in it.
She's gotten very smooth and can take on thresholds, uneven terrain, and likes to run around and play soccer with dad. She has gotten really good at walking down the stairs if you give her a hand to hold.

5 new toofers! After the long wait, Isla finally grew some more teeth. The 2 front teeth popped out the day she was the most sick with her tummy bug. The eye teeth soon followed. Then the one to the right of those first bottom two. But their has been a strange delay on the one to the left. So, now she's uneven with 7 teeth total. She can take smiley-shaped bites out of her food.

Lids Right now Isla is really into taking plastic lids out of the cabinet and scattering them on the kitchen floor. The other day she also thought it was fun to put them back. She loves taking on and off anything that has a small plastic lid, and recently figured out how to unscrew caps too. Then she likes to guzzle what is in said container. Suddenly my home is full of poisoning hazards.

Yum/ Yuck Isla has developed more of an opinion about what she eats. She likes something one day, and doesn't like it the next. She figured out how to eject food from her mouth if she doesn't like it. She often ejects food just at first bite, just because she's not sure. Sometimes she select something, put it in her mouth, and then spit it back out because something else catches her fancy. She thinks crayons and chalk are especially tasty.

Hugs and Kisses Isla has started to give gratuitous hugs and kisses. She'll come over and give hugs, and pat, and sometimes hug my leg if I'm standing up. She also kisses the pictures in books, especially birds, dogs, cats, bears, and baby faces. Isla loves to look at and read books. Her favorite book right now is "Feely Bugs." She often toddles over to me with book in hand and then turns around and plops her hiney down on my lap so I can read to her.

Language Isla started to sign "cracker." She doesn't have a whole lot of new words, but has all sorts of interesting babble, and such inflection. She'll hold the phone to her ear and babble.

This is a rare event- Isla has to be completely exhausted before she'll fall asleep in the car. Photo-worthy.

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