Sunday, July 17, 2011

Isla Rose, 16 months old

I have been feeling overwhelmed by this blog post. There has been such an explosion in development and personality in the past 2 months, I don't know where to begin.
Duck, duck, duck! Isla can say "ma" "dad" "shoes" "duck" Cats say "Eee-ow" and Dogs say "arf" and "foof" "Hi" "hot" "baf" for bath "Uh-oh". Once Isla learned "up" she started coming up to us many times throughout the day, arms held up, with the request "up." While in Michigan, Isla got out a her rubber duckies and started shouting "duck" "duck" "duck!" over and over just because she was so proud she could.
She started signing a lot more too. She loves to watch the Baby Signing Time videos and can do "Grandma" "Grandpa" "boat" "book" "banana" "baby" milk" "juice" "water" "airplane" "train". Except, she's confused about what is a train, and uses the sign for other things, like her toy truck. Isla will open a book and babble out a whole story while turning the pages. She started to do a cute little dance bounce, and sometimes a leg shake/tap to music.
The above 3 photos are of Isla playing in the water. We have been doing this about every day of the summer- due to the record heat wave. Sometimes, we just let her go nakey.

Isla can sometimes accomplish stabbing food with a fork and inserting it into her mouth. She can climb into couches and chairs, and from there onto the table. She can go up and down one step in the upright position.
Isla loves when airplanes fly through the sky and when she spots one, she just stares and smiles. Isla has a funny way of asking "where" by turning both hands up, and has this questioning look on her face. She is just oozing personality these days, if you can't tell from these photos.

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