Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Isla Rose, One and a half!

Chompers. Isla has had is rough over the past couple of months. We've had a lot of crabby days. While teething her 1st set of molars was not any fun, now she can chomp on bigger pieces of foods like a pro.
Hand-foot-mouth. There's been an outbreak of HFM disease this summer, and Isla got this weird disease too. Isla's friend Truman had the illness a couple weeks before her, so we were quick to identify it; and not to freaked out by outbreak of rash, followed by snake-skin peeling of hands and feet, and lastly, fingernails falling off.

Isla is very sure on her feet these days, she can run, climb, and walk up and down the stairs while holding a rail or a hand. For a couple of days she even thought she could walk down steps all on her own, but then she became cautious again, and stopped the "no hands" trick.

We can't keep track of all of the words Isla says anymore, or the signs she knows. The cutest is when she says the name of a friends. Isla's best friend is Sloane, and she gets excited when Sloan comes over to play. For a while Sloan was "shoe" but now she says a much more accurate version. She loves when we pull into the driveway and says "home." She knows a lot of body parts, including tough ones like elbow and dimples. She also knows that she is "Isla" and says "Eye-ya" or sometimes just a long sounding out of "Eye." Isla can draw repetitive circles with chalk and crayons. Below is a photo of Isla and "Mickey." We wanted to look for the rightful owners of this pretty dog we found in the neighborhood, but he jumped over our fence and escaped that same night. If we needed to find him a new home, we decided it would be great to demonstrate he was good with kids- he even let Isla try to put goggles on him.

Pretend Play. Isla has gotten very into her stuffed animals and dolls. She loves to carry them around with her. She has a crew of them in her crib for bedtime and naptime. They go on car rides and trips with us, sit next to her for meals. Sometimes a friend will even ask for a bite, and Isla will offer a spoonful of her food. While her favorites rotate, right now Bunny is the bestest. She holds him and pats him at bedtime. She once snuck Bunny into the bathtub, and had the most-fun bath ever!

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