Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Isla Rose, 20 months old

Isla has definitely reached new levels of understanding. She understands what we are saying most of the time, we can give her directions and she follows, she answers yes- "dah" with one quick head nod and "no" with shakes of head. She sometimes "chats" on the phone, or tells stories in baby babble. She knows and recognizes more friends and familiar people. I can tell her where we are going and who she will see- and she is excited for the next adventure.

Isla still gets impatient with car rides around town. But she has been very entertained by signing "stop" at red lights and "go" for green. Sometimes she thinks I should blow a red light and go anyway, or plow into stopped cars ahead of me.

Swimming- Isla and I had been doing once a week Mommy and Me swim lessions through the summer, and I noticed at some point she regressed and really didn't like going under the water anymore. So, I decided to enroll her in more intense 5 day a week lessons at "Ms. Diana's" house. Now I have a little fish! Isla loves to swim and has no problem pushing off the wall or jumping off the steps to swim to me. I am truly amazed at her ability to swim at such a young age.

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