Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Our Holiday Time has come and gone.

We hosted the Seats' side, minus Tina :(, at our house for Thanksgiving this year. Highlights of the weekend included the Scrabble and Blockus marathon. Isla was a good eater, as usual, and enjoyed the feast.

My table was beautiful, if I do say so myself.
But even better with all the people.

Then we headed up north to Peoria for Christmas. We were without my brother Joe and SIL Michelle, as they are expecting their little girl to arrive any day now. But we did get to enjoy time with brother Jon and Dan, and their cute girlfriends Erin and Nikki (respectively).

Upon arrival in Peoria, my dad struck up a game of hide-the-bunny with Isla as we waited in line to report a missing bag. Well, she must have been impressed because she finally said it- "Papa." She also said "Ram-ma" a couple of times.

On New Years' Eve we headed over to a friends' house where there were 3 toddlers present and celebrated "Baby New Years" at 7 pm with the folks over in England. Isla, Owen, and Truman loved the sparking cider.

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