Monday, July 30, 2012

Texas Beach Trip

After 3 years of living in Texas, we finally made a trip to the Texas coast- Port Aransas.  I wish we'd gone sooner!  Just 3 hours drive and we had everything we needed- sun, fun, and sand.  So, we camped out on the beach for a few days, and our friends joined us for the weekend.  Isla loved playing in the ocean and the sand.  Weeks later, she still suggests most days that we should visit the ocean again.  

4th of July at friends' house in Portland, TX.  Isla is a fearless water baby.  She did the water slide over and over, until she just was too tired to go again.

The Texas beach has seaweed, but the warm ocean water is so nice.

Having lunch in the pop-up tent

Playing with the rainbow clams at the surf

3 little friends.

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