Monday, May 25, 2015

August Gabrielle, almost 2!

It is October and Gus is almost 2.

He is such a wonderful little boy.  He loves trains, trucks, dinosaurs, helicoptors.  He like to talk about them, point them out, read books about them.  He has developed this funny little habit of always carrying a few little treasures around in his fists.  He almost always has some little bouncy balls, little cars or trucks, some small toys or even a special rock.  He talks like a little cave man, mostly 2-3 word sentences or demands.  Like, "I-wa, dump couch" means: "Isla, would you jump on the couch with me?"  We live a couple of blocks from an Amy's Ice Cream, and there's a a mini bouncy ball dispenser there.  August goes crazy over those balls, and usually forgets about the ice cream once we're there.

We put small dump trucks, inside of medium dump trucks, inside of large dump trucks.  Little boy phrases spew from his mouth- and I kid you not- "Dinosaurs! Rahr!"  "Beep, Beep.  Crash!"  "Chugga choo choo," "Monster Trucks!" - all day long.  Sometimes he has a little car, train, truck along with his for the ride of his day, and then it goes missing.  We all look for it- crisis.  One day after we picked up Isla from school a few weeks ago- we saw 2 helicopters from the car- and commented on them.  Everyday since then he says at the same intersection "Two Helicopters! " and gets upset that they aren't there.  He gets mad at me for not being able to reproduce airplanes and helicopters in the sky at my discretion.

Gus sometimes gets irate- and then there's not rectifying the situation.  I took off his very most favorite shirt he thought he was going to be able to wear forever, the Duplo cars/ trains won't stay hooked together, He wants to close the gate, but that is physically impossible to do without his body being knocked off the step.  August's 2 year-old flip has switched.      

Gus was a bumble bee for Halloween.  This was a fun Halloween for us, as we have 2 kids who sort of "get it."  We read lots of Halloween Books.  August has a sensitive soul, and caught on, and he started to declare certain things to be "Skooky."  The dark outside is "skooky" and as we walked home at 7:00 pm on Halloween night, everything was "skooky" and we knew it was time to be home safe in our jammies.

August loves his sister and would follow her to the moon and back if she asked him to.

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