Saturday, January 3, 2009

Joe and Michelle visit San Antonio

After Christmas, Jason and I made an uneventful 14 hour drive back to San Antonio with Angel, the dog, in the back seat. The only car ride she ever goes on is over to Mom and Dad Seats' house. So, I imagine she thought we got really lost. Angel likes the big yard at this house.

Our first visitors to San Antonio arrived last Wednesday, New Years Eve- my brother Joe and fiance Michelle. We've been having lots of fun with them. Here's a photo of the 4 of us on New Years Day at the Alamo, one of the few places open on New Year's Day.

We have made some major progress on the boxes and I'm learning my way around the new kitchen. It's funny how you can completely lose your groove when you're just not familiar with the location of everything. Nothing is automatic for me anymore.

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Keep up with Brad... said...

I'd really like to come visit sometime too :). Hope you were serious about decorating for Christmas. We'd have a blast!