Monday, March 2, 2009

March Updates

Jason and I were about to head off for a weekend getaway in Austin when he was struck down by the yucky flu. But, in other news, we will be heading back to St. Louis later this week in order to check out some new babies that have arrived since our departure in December. Two baby boys were born to friends of ours on the same day last week.

The guest house is underway! I have selected a contractor for the Carriage house remodel and they will be getting started on the work this week.

I found a job! I took a job with a company called the Therapy Team here in San Antonio, that is similar to the job I had back in St. Louis.

I've been having fun gardening and potting plants in our yard. I have a nice herb crop going that dad and I planted from seed when he visited. We got some beautiful painted pottery and planted tropical plants for the outdoor patio.

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