Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Carriage House is complete- and we had a party!

As of last Friday the Carriage House is officially completed! We pasted the final inspections. So, Jason and I decided to have a big party and invited all our San Antonio friends. We had a mixture of Rackspace friends, and non-Rackspace friends, and the party was a raging success. Jason and I managed to make 60 hamburger patties from scratch the night before, and Jason manned the grill on Saturday. I think we had between 50 and 60 people- and the party lasted from 2 pm till 2 am. So our Carriage house is officially broken-in. A link to the final pictures and party pics will be posted soon! Next projects: Phase 2 - The Shed and Amanda's Quest to make this old house more energy efficient.

party pics:http://www.dropshots.com/seatsam#date/2009-06-13/18:54:27

The Carriage House will have it's first sleep-over guest as of tonight! My mom is on her way to San Antonio for the first time. We plan on shopping and cooking together, and other girly things.

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raleighmaroon said...

Party was off the hook!