Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mom visit

Mom's 1st visit to San Antonio came and went. We accomplished our main mission- finding a "MOG" (mother of the groom) dress for my brother Joe's wedding, which is less than an month away. We took lots of shopping detours on the way and bought a few other fun things too. Mom and I had lots of fun on our pizza making day, which involved purchasing special mail-order pizza-dough-making flour a week prior to the visit. The pizza was quite tasty, but I think I might hold off on baking pizzas from scratch again until the heat of summer is over. We went out on the town a couple of nights, and she got to meet some of our fabulous San Antonio friends. Mom found her new vacation home to be cozy and cool, so I think she'll be back!

Here we are down at the Farmer's Market, checking out the brand-new Riverwalk extension.

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