Monday, September 21, 2009

David Hasselhoff Update

Just wanted to give an update on the newest furry 4-legged member of our family. David Hasselhoff is a healthy little guy and now weighs over 5 lbs, and he has been a great addition to our home. I really enjoy having him around. Reasons we are glad we saved Hasselhoff from dire straits and brought him to live in our house:

1. He is so cute! Look at how handsome he is.
2. He is incredibly soft. You'll have to experience this for yourself, it's true.
3. He still has the cutest little squeak of a meow.
4. He purrs when he eats.
5. He does this funny thing where he carries his toys around from room to room, and up and down the stairs, even the long chase toys attached to a stick. For some reason he always puts the wire toy in the guest bathroom shower.
6. When I was trapped at home feeling like I was going to barf all day long, Hasselhoff kept me company and cheered me up with his cuteness. As I drifted in and out of consciousness dreading the moment I wake up and find I still feel like barfing, he was often curled up in a fluffy kitten ball next to me. He loves me because I saved his life, and follows me from room to room.

Now he does have a few bad habits, like pouncing on Tweed. They have to be separated at night. Tweed remains Queen of the Bed. He also is a terrible beggar when it comes to human food- he likes anything dairy, and eggs. He even antagonizes Angel and steals her dog food. And, he's messy in the litter box, I swear sometimes he's just playing in there.

Jason took this awesome photo with the new fancy camera, I think it was his first really good one. We have yet to capture Angel with the camera, she moves too quickly.

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