Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Snoozer "J" pillow: A product review

I was told by several reliable sources, that a body pillow is a must-have item for pregnancy. I was very excited about this, because I had a beloved body pillow through college, and for several years afterward. When Jason and I decided to become roommates in 2004, I decided that since my pillow was looking a little decrepit, and I would exchange it for a brand new husband pillow. That has worked pretty well, because he's snuggly and works as a space heater. Well, after some online research, I decided that I would buy the goose-down "J" shaped Snoozer pillow. The day it arrived I donned it's pillow case, and laid down to run some snuggle tests. When Jason came in the room, he eyed the "J"pillow suspiciously, and then he looked down-right jealous. "What is that?" he inquires/ demands.

The pillow is awesome, and it does make side-sleeping very enticing. Now Jason tries steals the pillow, especially if I leave him alone in bed with it. I was awake enough the other morning to witness the pillow caper. It went down like this: Sleeping Jason will reach over and give the pillow a tug, then regardless of whether or not I am using the pillow, he throws his top leg upon it. This is not comfortable, it is a one-person pillow. I roll over the my other side for a little while.

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The Original J pillow said...

They should make a 'T' pillow. That'd be easier for us to share.