Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Whole Clan

Last Monday I put my brother Joe (our last straggler) on a plane, and now it's back to just the 2 of us + 3 four-legged furry friends + 1 growing baby girl in my belly. I've started slowly taking down the Christmas decorations, and returned to work this week. We made our "Things to do before baby to-do list" and are going to whittle away at it for the next couple of months. Included on the to-do list is "Empty the last box." That's right, an unpacked box from our move from St. Louis. This box was sitting in the dining room until last November, when Jason put it into a closet because we hosted a friends' Thanksgiving at our house. It was like the elephant in the room, except I liked the elephant, because he was kind of funny.

Here's a picture of my whole beautiful family, taken the day after Christmas at one of the San Antonio missions. Jason (married to me), Danny, Michelle (married to Joe), Joe, Me, Dad, Jon, and Mom.


Unknown said...

Great photo.

It was great to meet your family and I hope their trips back were good.


Cindy said...

I miss you guys!

carolinpeoria said...

A good looking group, if I do say so myself!!