Monday, February 15, 2010

My Laptop has Herpes

One reason I like having Jason as my husband, is that he is good with computers, and I am not. If ever I, or anyone else asks Jason to "fix" their computer, the response is always the same. He'll start to work on it and then sigh, rub his chin, and say that the computer has a fatal illness. He'll tell you your computer is a paperweight, or that you should throw it in the pool. But, he'll continue to work on it, and eventually fix it. Well, my laptop started having some major issues last week. Jason did everything as I described. He said my automatic updates got turned off, and my virus scanners all got out of date, and then left my computer open for illness. I asked him how this happened, as he is responsible for my maintaining my computer, and I hand him my laptop on a regular basis for tech support. So, after several days of running virus scanners, and cleaning things out, it is running again. But, Jason said that my computer cannot be cured, and the virus software is just keeping the problem at bay. He said my laptop has Herpes, but is on Valtrex.


jason said...

... and you've earned yourself a macbook. Carry on.

rackerhacker said...

Awesome post. It made me giggle.