Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I am no longer a PC

Well, after Jason fixed my computer to the best of his abilities, it continued to behave badly. After a week of dealing with a 10 second delay on mouse pad response, clicking, and key strokes, I'd had enough. Jason said I needed a new computer, and that I should get a Mac. He had expressed this sentiment to me previously, to which I always retorted "I'm a PC." But, after promises of virus immunity and for the sake of our family unity, I decided that I could endure the uncomfortable weeks of learning curve and might come out better for it in the end. So, Jason and I held hands, and walked towards the light of the apple with one bite out of it. I am slowly learning my way around this alien computer, and after a few days of looking at it sideways through squinty eyes, we are now getting aquainted.

In other news, last week was my last week of work. I have been working part-time as an OT for the San Antonio Independent School District, and the Harlandale School Districts here in San Antonio for the past year (minus the summer). So, where it stands, I am taking the rest of spring and summer off, and will decide sometime during the summer if I would like to return to some part-time work come August for the '10/'11 school year OR retire indefinitely. We'll see...

The nursery is coming together, as Jason has put in many hours of furniture assembly, we just need a few finishing touches. And, my plan for the next few weeks is to cook and freeze "Make-Ahead Meals," attend 3 prenatal yoga classes a week, take Angel on walks, and other various baby-preparations activities (napping?).

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