Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Isla Rose, 10 days old

We've been home with the baby for about a week and a half. Things have been going pretty smooth so far. Last night Jason did his first bottle with Isla, and that gave me about 5 hours of consecutive sleep! I feel like a new woman. My frozen meals have come in handy. Plus, we had a few friends bring us meals (thank you, Carlins and Lindsay!) My "job" since we have been home has been to feed Isla, and boy does she like to eat. I had no idea that this was going to be so time consuming (8 hours a day!). After the first few days, nursing boredom has set in- movement, arm use, and lap-space are drastically constricted. The worst is when you realize your ______ (phone, remote, magazine) is just out of reach. I'm growing tired of tv- watching and downloaded movies (however, our investment in the Apple-tv has paid off). So, I moved on to reading books. But, that's difficult because my attention span went down the drain with pregnancy. If you have any suggestions on short story collections, please let me know. Today I realized I can balance the laptop on my knee in front of Isla resting on the nursing pillow. I am grateful to have a hungry baby who likes to eat, and find it oh-so-satisfying when she gives me a milk-drunk sleepy smile.

Another reason our transition home has been so smooth was due to help from our wonderful Post-Pardum Doula, Tracy Edwards. Tracy came to our house our first week home to help me get a good start to nursing, answer the 100 questions that you didn't realize you had until there was a tiny infant in front of you, cook, do the laundry, etc. Tracy is a mother of 9! Her experience and help was invaluable. Especially in those first few sleep-deprived days when you can't let yourself fall asleep for fear a cat will decide to nap on your infant the second you close your eyes. It was so wonderful to put Isla in experienced hands, and get some much needed shut-eye for an hour or so. If you or someone you know in San Antonio could use a Tracy, you can reach her at (210) 478-7248. She's working on her website, I'll attach the link later. It was a bit scary to say good bye to Tracy and know we are "on our own."

But, never fear! A parade of Grandparents is near! Thursday Jason's parents arrive for a week of Isla snuggles. Then, my parents for the Easter weekend and following week.

Photo 1: my "vantage point" 8 hours a day, All Mine. By the way, Jason photographed this "safari style" crouching up on the back corner of our sectional. Photo 2: Sleeping in on Saturday with Dad.

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carolinpeoria said...

She's beautiful. Like her mother.