Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best-Of Maternity

I have been meaning to do a blog-post on "Best-Of" Maternity stuff. There are a couple of items that I found worked better than the rest. 1st of all- Maternity Pants. It is hard to find maternity pants that work for all 9 months, are comfortable, and don't fall down. I found 2 pants that did this (no jeans, however).
1. The Perfect Pant- Google "Perfect Pant Maternity" and you'll find them. They are made of this super stretchy thin fleece material, and are so comfy. These are more casual/lounge wear, but I wore them a LOT. I bought size small, and needed to have them hemmed. They worked all 9 months, and after baby too.

2. Noppies Maternity Pants- These maternity pants are all one cohesive stretchy fabric that comes up high over your belly. They have an adjustable band at the top and you can let them out as you grow. I got them in black, but they come in different colors and styles. These were my "dressier" black pants. Towards then end, pants with panels get uncomfortable, because the fabric below the panel cuts into you, and below-belly pants just fall down.

The other maternity item I really liked was the "Spoiled Mama Tummy Butter." The ingredient list and testimonials on the website convinced me, this cocoa butter lotion was better than the rest. Now, my mom would say that I didn't get stretch marks because of "good genes," and she's probably right. But keeping your stretching skin well-moisterized with gourmet body cream during the process can't hurt. And I have to say, I am happy with the results.

Coming Soon: Best-Of Nursing

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carolinpeoria said...

It's all about good genes, Amanda.