Monday, March 15, 2010

Welcome Baby Isla!

Hi everyone,

Our baby surprised us last Friday night with a sneaky water break maneuver. First of all, at my doctor's appointment the previous Tuesday, Doc said nothing was going on to indicate anything happening anytime soon, and that she'd be seeing me in the office next week. Also, we were told first babies are more often than not, not early, usually late. Also, the water break scenario only happens in real life about 10% of the time (but 100% of the time in the movies). So, we were taken by surprise when on Friday night, actually Sat morning, stroke of midnight, as were were leaving the movie theatre after going to see Crazy Heart... my water broke. Not a flood, so we went home and assessed the situation, and determined, yes, that was the case. So, we were at the hospital by 2:30 am, and about 13 hours later, after a uneventful and relatively easy labor and delivery, we got to meet our little girl! We thought it was funny when the nurses changed shifts they used the secret code word "vanilla" to describe what was going on. Jason was on to them.

Born March 13th, 2010 at 3:30 pm. We named our baby Isla (Eye-la) Rose. Isla because we loved the name, and Rose after her Greatgrandma's, Gizella Rosa and Rosemary, and her Aunt Christina Rose. She weighed 6 lbs 4 oz at birth, and 18 inches long. Isla has long fingers and fingernails, so we suspect she just got tired of the cramped situation, and gave a poke. She was born full-term, but a couple of weeks before due date. She is healthy, perfect, and adorable. So far we see more Lontai in her, she looks like my brothers to me. But I'm sure some Jason features will show up soon. Jason's fancy camera pictures are going to be posted, and updated every few days on his flicker account. We got to bring her home Sunday evening, and we are all doing great. She is a good eater. She likes to try Houdini moves to break her arms out of her swaddle. I caught her this morning one time with her thumb in her mouth! Right now she is enjoying a little bit of swing time in her swing from Grandma Dolores. I was planning to attach her nursery pics to the previous post, but we had not quite got everything together in the nursery, so I'll add those later.

Here is our first family photo! Ready to go home from the hospital.


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Congrats, guys! She's beautiful and has a beautiful name.