Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3 Carseats = Minivan Rental

Our dear friends from St. Louis came to visit us last weekend- Steve, Maria, 3 y/o Emma, and 15 month old Sammy. In planning for their visit, we realized that in order for us all to go places together, we would need a bigger car. So, we rented a minivan and 2 car seats for the occasion. And, we managed to load up all 3 children in the van + 4 adults and go all around town. This was a feat. One feat we did not accomplish was a group photo. So, here are a few photos that capture some moments from the weekend.

I still have Sammy's sweet voice in my head, impatiently demanding his "binka" or "more" or "bite" or "dinka" (that one is a request for a 'drink', duh) or "shishy" (goldfish cracker). I got him to say "Manda" just once, and was offended that he seemed to get "Anjoe" (our dog Angel) down right away. He also learned to say "Isla." That sweet boy is a handful, no wonder Maria is so skinny.

Little Emma, too smart for her own good. She continuously impresses me. After working with kids for most of my OT career, I am forever amazed when I get to interact with an above-average kid. She was pulling out quick math in the kitchen- adding 4+2 in her head. I remember baby Emma when her only mode of transportation was rolling, and Maria put her down on a blanket on the floor. Emma rolled across the floor to get closer to her favorite person in the whole world- her mom. She rolled all the way across the room, and smiled. I must have taken a mental snapshot, because I can still see that adorable face smiling up at us from the floor. Emma asked me this weekend, "Can I be Isla's big sister?"

Steve and Maria- Thank you so much for packing up 2 small kids and loading them on an airplane to visit us in Texas!!!

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Maria said...

We had such an amazing time and are missing you guys like crazy!!! You are truly the hostess with the mostess! Isla is the best! I love her facial expressions!