Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Isla Rose, 6 months old

Okay, so I am overdue for a blog post. I'll give you 3 new ones in a row.

I can't believe Isla is a 1/2 year old already. That's ridiculous. Grandma and Grandpa L. came to San Antonio to celebrate the 1/2 birthday with us. They brought Isla a gift- her very own dump truck!

Isla is getting to be such a silly bug right now. The funniest thing she does is sniffing. She breathes in and out rapidly through her nose with the funniest little scrunched up face. She realized she can both sniff and cough at will. But she thinks it's really funny if you sniff back at her and can have a 3-4 turn sniffy sniff exchange with you. Isla has found her squeal and does cute girly squeals as means of "talking."

Isla can sit up better now, but if you leave her be, she topples forward and conks her head. We had one of the most successful post-baby dinners out with Isla sitting in the restaurant high chair. She enjoys sitting in her Ikea high chair with us at home too. She's much happier now that she can see what's going on, and be a part of the dinner conversation. Since Isla got good at rolling over, she started working towards crawling. She can rotate around on her belly. And she does a few reps of baby push-ups and butt lifts several times a day in hopes of one day taking off.

We had a rough couple of weeks as we headed towards the 1/2 year mark, and realized that Isla was dropping her third daily nap- the 3:30/ 4 o'clock nap that kept her going until bedtime. But,
it's officially gone now, and I hate to say it so soon and jinx myself- but I think we have a 10 and 2 nap schedule- yeh! We've had a couple of good days on the 10 and 2 plan, with a much less cranky Isla. It's so much easier to determine whether she's hungry or tired when we're on a schedule. But, no matter how cranky Isla gets, I have to count my lucky stars we have a baby who sleeps 12 hours a night at 6 months.

Oh, I was wrong about the 15 lbs at 5 months. At her 6 month check-up she was 14lbs 13 oz and 24 3/4 inches long. That's right, this little 2 foot tall person with a tuft of chick fluff for hair bosses me around all day.

The best toys are non-toys. Now I realize why all plastic bags must have the warning "This is not a toy." Babies love plastic bags. High- interest items include plastic lids, Iphones, the remote, my eye-glasses, and all packaging. It's crazy to see that spark in her eye when she spots an item within arms reach that she's not supposed to have.

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