Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Thanksgiving Lasagna

My family gathered in San Antonio last week for an early holiday/ Thanksgiving celebration. Joe (my brother) and Jason signed up to run San Antonio Rock and Roll half-marathon together. Like always, when my dad visits us, we assign him some "jobs." This time around we asked him to install a tree swing for Isla. Three trips to the Home Depot later- Isla was happily giggling and enjoying her new tree swing.

My mom came a few days ahead of the rest of the bunch so that we could have some time to pre-cook for the crowd. We decided to save Turkey for the real Thanksgiving and made Lasagnas instead.
Joe and Jason were running so fast, we did not catch a photo of them. But they came in under 2 hours- way to go!

Post-Marathon note: It has taken me so long to get this post up that I wanted to add a post-marathon update. After completing the 60 day "Insanity Workout" program, and then training for and running the half-marathon, Jason has completely ceased working out.

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I'm on a break.