Monday, February 21, 2011

Liz, Aaron, and Maggie visit SA!

My dear friend, Elizabeth, and her family came to visit us over the weekend for some sun and fun in San Antonio. Liz and I have been friends since the first day of swim practice freshman year of high school- that's 16 years now, I can't believe it. They left the frigid Chicago-land temperatures to be greeted by 75 and sunny all weekend. Above is a photo of Maggie, teaching Isla bad finger-sucking habits.

Now that I know the zoo like the back of my hand, we took them on a fun zoo trip (Above Liz and Maggie checking out the hippo; Below is Aaron feeding the birds, and Maggie not liking the birds). They also got to crash a local friend's 1st birthday party. Aaron said, "Maggie loves crashing parties." Isla and 15 month-old Maggie enjoyed playing together. And we found out the trick to making Isla happy in the car is to sit a friend next to her.

They talked, held hands- it was so cute. Maggie liked our pets a lot, especially our "doooougie." And she talked about our "dooooougie" a lot. The weekend went by fast, but Liz made sure to sit out on my lawn chairs by the pool every chance she got.

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