Wednesday, March 27, 2013

August Gabriel- 4 months old

Mr. Personality!  August's sweet personality is starting to show.  He is a sensitive guy and wears his heart on his sleeve.  You can read every little emotion as he is experiencing- Proud to be standing, Determined to get that toy in his mouth, Hey look! It's Daddy... I like that guy, Oh sad... Daddy walked away, You're silly mommy, Big sister is a little to close for comfort... I'm scared.

August is a drool-bug and soaks bibs and the front of his shirt.  He is trying to roll, but can't quiet make it over yet.  He is getting less fussy than he was in the beginning, and can stay happy in his stroller while I teach Stroller Strides classes.  But, he still doesn't like car rides and usually cries the whole way.  He plays with toys.  We can make him giggle.  He is sitting up better, but just needs a bit more head control and neck strength before we try solids.  He talks and sings baby songs.  

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