Thursday, October 24, 2013

August Gabriel, 10, uh, 11 months old

My guy

I can't believe the 1st birthday is just around the corner.  August is just as sweet as ever.  He is so engaging.  He loves attention, but does okay when he doesn't have it.  It's so easy to make this little guy smile, and laugh.  He plays peek-a-boo hiding under his bath towel or behind the curtains; he says "ba" instead of "boo."  He often says a little "uh-oh" sound throughout the day, but sometimes it might mean "all-done."  I can get some good belly-laughs when I crawl around on the floor with him.

11 months old on 10/20/13.  Prefers to crawl.

He can place objects into containers and holes.  He started cruising the furniture in September and the walking with the crocodile walker by the end of September.  Now he'll cruise along just about anything, even a vertical wall.  He does not want to go without something to hold onto, and won't walk with holding hands; so it's still crawling to get from place to place, but he's quick!  He figured out how to back down the 3 steps to the family room feet first (yeah! I don't have to guard the steps).  He just tried to go down the steps from the 1st to 2nd floor yesterday- I was on guard for that one.  And, in the last week, he's figured out how to climb onto Isla's toddler bed, and can get back down.  Today he tried to climb up on his bookshelf- oh no!

Fun couch time with sister
See the tunnel behind the couch
One of August favorite things to do is to flop around and sit-jump on the bed or sofa.  He started this little game where he wrestles and snuggles with Isla's zebra pillow that we got for airplane travel.  August loves music and will shake little maracas, and bop his little torso up and down to a beat.  He has loved crawling through tunnels for a while, but right now, he really like to crawl behind our living room sofas.  Just as Isla was, August is fascinated with opening and closing doors, cabinets, and drawers.  He hates it when he pinches his fingers.  August has no time in his busy schedule right now to be bothered with diaper changes and putting on clothes.  It is an all-out wresting match to accomplish those tasks.
I am going to fall over on this pillow!

Sleep... has been going better.  August continued to wake up once a night into his 10th month.  But he usually slept a longer stretch of 5-6 hours somewhere in there.  And, I was starting to feel more human. Then for almost a week he really slept through the entire night, then came teething.  So, I know he can do it, still he's inconsistent.
Uncle Dan came to visit me in October

Teeth.. at his 9 month doctor appointment, the doctor and I discovered he had a tooth on the bottom, but not one of the front and center 2, it was the next over on the right.  Doctor said she'd never seen that before.  Since then the bottom centers came in, and just in the past week the top centers.  Now he has 5 teeth poking through.

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