Friday, November 1, 2013

Isla Rose, 3 and 1/2 years old

Isla has adjusted well to our new home in Austin.  It's nice that we made this transition at a time when we could explain and prepare her for the move.  And, I think that's the main difference I see in Isla as of late.  You can really start to reason with her, explain why to her.  We wear a jacket so we don't get cold.  I want you to be buckled properly so you don't fly out of the car and bonk your head.  I can't give you want you want while I'm driving the car because I'll crash the car and we'll all bonk our heads.  You don't feel good right now because you're tired, you need to take a nap.

Isla picking apples at Eckerts in Belleville, IL
Isla started attending a preschool here in Austin, the All Saints' Episocopal Day School.  She really enjoys her school, but I just love picking that little girl up from school.  I like to watch her expression change to happy in the instant she sees me standing at the gate.

"Twin" jammies, just like in Fancy Nancy "Pajama Day."

Fancy.  Isla is a fancy girl, and is very into accessorizing, and pretty dresses.  Her favorite thing to wear is her heart dress, with the matching heart shoes, and heart underwear.  Aunt Michelle gave her this little case of Fancy Nancy books a while back, and right now it is her favorite thing.  Another great development in the life of Isla is that she will entertain herself by reading books!  She has added an extra 1/2 hour to the bedtime routine reading books in bed before she lies down.

Flower Girl Practice
Flower Girl.  Isla was a flower girl for Uncle Kevin and Aunt Brittany's wedding at the end of September.  I bought a couple of Flower Girl books for Isla so she knew what to expect.  And, we practiced with tissue paper down the hallway.  When the day came, Isla was well-prepared and took her job very seriously.  She knew her job was to decorate the isle with flower petals, and she sprinkled them all the way to the very end of isle.  Since Brittany's dress swept them all up when she came down the isle after Isla, Isla redid it, and sprinkled the petals on the way back out.

Flower Girl, Isla

Boy/ Girl.   One funny thing Isla has been doing lately is telling us how many boys, and how many girls there are throughout the day.  When the 4 of us go in the car together, she says "There are 2 boys, and 2 girls."  It's fun to get the boy/girl count throughout the day.

Isla was a bat for Halloween

A mighty cute bat, that is.
Politeness/Helpfullness.  Isla has (finally) started to get the hang of how to ask for things politely, instead of demanding.  While I still have the remind her, she's getting better at it.  Lately, having everything cleaned up and put back in it's place has been very important to her.  She puts her clothes in the laundry basket, cleans up her toys,  and puts shoes in her closet shoe cubbies.  She also has started to get handy in the kitchen, and stands up on the step-stool to help.  Her favorite is to mix the ingredients for pancakes.

The best big sis a lil' bub could have

and how
Naps.  I brought back the naps in an ultimate show-down in for the summer.  Isla's behavior had become so completely outrageous last spring, and I knew it was from being too tired.  After I regained control of the situation, she took good 2 hour naps for the rest of the summer.  But, once school started, I couldn't get the nap going after school.  The 5 day week was too much for her, so I keep her home on Wednesdays to recover.   And she usually naps on the weekend too.

Sophia left her bib!  (note: heart dress)
Isla likes to get her hair cut, and I have been keeping it in a cute little bob for about a year now.  She requests haircuts often, and is having trouble understanding it's not an every day sort of thing.   Isla continues to be a great big sister and is (usually) very sweet towards August, and I have seen her be sweet and helpful towards other smaller kids and babies.  But, she is and always will be the extremely strong-willed child.  And I find myself thinking on a weekly basis, "That girl is going to give us a run for our money."  Then, I think,  "That doesn't really make sense, we didn't buy her."  I am frustrated that I have all this pre-handwriting expertise that would be perfect for use with a 3 year-old.  But, Isla will not have anything to do with me demonstrating how to build letters, she takes everything away from me so she can be the teacher.  But, entertainment value is high, and she does say very funny things.

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