Monday, May 25, 2009

Back in the Lou

We arrived in St. Louis on Friday evening for a busy week. We had my friend and prior roommate's wedding in Cape G, MO on Saturday. Casey was a happy, beautiful bride. We were a bit confused when she and new husband, Justin, were introduced at the reception to the tune of "Highway to the Danger Zone." Then, on Sunday, we had the 5th annual barbecue at Cameron's house. Jason was in charge of the washer's tournament again this year and kept everyone in line. My favorite was hanging out with my two-year old friend, Emma K. Emma and I spied a bunny in the next yard. He wasn't moving and I asked her "What's he doing?" She replied, "He's just hangin' out." Which was true. My Mom and Dad drove down from Peoria to visit also, attending the barbeque and helping us with the packing process today. Since my brother Jon stole all my furniture for his new apartment in Chicago, we decided we'd like to stay in hotels when we visit St. Louis from here on out. This trip we are at the brand-new Moonrise hotel in the Loop- it's sweet!
After the dumpsters behind our house were too full for anymore of our house garbage, we headed over to Mom and Dad Seats' house for brother Kevin's 21st birthday. I saw Kevin drinking beer. I have to wake up early tomorrow to meet the movers at the house. Jason will not be waking up early- he took his brother to the Casinos.

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