Friday, May 29, 2009

Jason is funny- part one

My hubby sometimes says funny things that make me laugh. Last week we met a friend of a friend who is a Physics professor at a local college- and she and Jason talked because Jason likes Physics. Jason later told me that he found out that he could take some Physics classes at the college without having to be a full-time student. Now, you may or may not be aware of this, but Jason's lifelong career plan is to #1 Be able to retire by age 35 and then #2 Find a source of renewable energy and solve the energy crisis. Now that he is well on his way to goal #1, Jason wants to get a jump start on career goal #2. I replied to the Physics class proposal, "Ah, yes. Then you can solve the energy crisis."
Jason said, "Yes, step 1."
I chimed in, "Step 1, take physics classes. Step 2, have a great idea. Step 3, use great idea to solve energy crisis. Step 4, win a Nobel prize. Step 5, Put your Nobel prize on a shelf."
Jason: "I don't want to put up a new shelf."

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