Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tiny Lizards

We recently discovered a new thing to love about our San Antonio home- there are cute, tiny lizards that live in our yard!!! One kind is a bright yellow-green and puffs out his pink throat bubble. The other is subdued green, and blends into the color of its surroundings. It is always a joy to spot one of these little critters... until today. Tweed was crying at the back door so I went to let her in. And, as she has been known to do at about a frequency of once every 1.5 years, she was at the door with a tail hanging out of her mouth. She went to put her present down on the ground to impress me with her critter-catching prowess- and it was a lizard, still alive, it scurried away. And she cornered it again, and it scurried again, and then got away for good. She was not happy with the results of her chase. Lizard 1, Tweed 0.

Here's Tweed attacking my paperwork as a try to work from home.


Anonymous said...

Pics plz !!!!

Amanda said...

I don't have any pictures of the tiny lizards- but I will try and get one. They are very fleeting!