Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Scrappy Kitten

One thing Jason and I noticed right off the bat when we moved to San Antonio, is that there are a ton of stray animals. We think this is probably because of the warm climate, but also may be a lack of awareness regarding spaying and neutering. Anyway, it is really heart-wrenching for us to see all these homeless pets on a regular basis, and I knew this would eventually get us in trouble. I had a horrible experience witnessing a little kitten scrambling across a 6 lane highway a couple of weeks ago. That's right- A kitten on the highway- with cars zooming by at 65 MPH! I saw he made it to the shoulder. When I circled back around I said to myself, that if I see that kitten again- he's mine. Didn't see him and decided it's best not to get out of my car on the highway.

Last night Jason and I, and our neighborhood friend Heather were walking down our street on the way to the Alta Vista neighborhood Meet and Greet, when Heather pointed out a stray kitty that was laying in front of a house. This little guy was particularly pathetic- and seeing as all 3 of us have soft spots when it comes to cats, we just couldn't leave him there. I mean, come on, it's a kitten, it needs no further explanation. So we went back to our house with the kitten and put him in the guest house. He ate tuna and used the litter box- good sign! He's just skin and bones right now, and has an eye infection. I took him to our vet this morning to get him checked out, he's going to be much cuter once he's a little more healthy. Since our household has already met it's pet quota, and our Tweed seems to be accustomed to her 1 kitty in the house life-style (we don't want to upset the delicate balance). We're going to try and find him a happy home once he's been given the "thumbs-up" from our vet.

In other news- Jason and I are celebrating our 30th birthdays this week. And we're taking a vacation to California (San Francisco and L.A. and the coast in-between) to celebrate. This trip was planned around Slicehoster friend Jared's wedding in Livermore, CA on July 1st. We also get to visit cousin Brad and partner Jim in L.A., and Rackspace friend Adrian in L.A.


Anonymous said...

Awwww - gotta keep the kitty!

Happy birthdays as well. 30 eh? All downhill from here :)


carolinpeoria said...

Ahwww.. a guest house kitten.

carolinpeoria said...

Happy Birthday Amanda!

carolinpeoria said...

Well, I meant to say Happy Birthday tomorrow, which is now today, and your actual birthday!
So Happy July first thirtieth birthday.