Monday, June 8, 2009

Raleigh Maroon: A music review

Since moving to San Antonio, Jason and I have been enjoying/ stalking a local band called Raleigh Maroon. The core of the band is an in-love couple- Mitch and Melissa. Not only are these two easy on the eyes, but they write and compose beautiful music together. "Break Away" is my absolute favorite of their songs. They also do some pretty awesome covers. You can listen to a few samples if you become of fan of the band on Facebook, and then look in the "box" for the songs. But their myspace page is even better:
Sometimes you can find just the two of them serenading at the local pubs and restaurants in town. But what will really rock your socks off is the complete band with AJ on drums, Matt on base, and new addition- Nicholette on mandoline and back-up vocals. Be prepared for impromtu dancing at these gigs.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if I am their only UK groupie?

I feel kind of special if I am!

raleighmaroon said...

Thanks for the post Amanda! And if pickedonion is Paul, yes you are our only UK groupie! Which entitles you to such special treatment as impromptou singalongs at parties and shout outs from the stage. :)